Holly Harrington

A young half-elven noble with bardic training.


Lady Dame Holly Alara Amastacia Amakir Harrington, Dame Marshall of the Order of St. George, Duchess Harrington of Leominstershire, Bearer of the Sword of Lugh, blessed in the light.

Husband: Lord Rolen Theren Amakir Harrington Amastacia.
Son: The Lord Adran Rolen Harrington Amastacia.

Husband: Lord Sir Marcus Harrington, Knight Grand Commander of the Order of St. George, Duke Harrington.

Father: Lord Alfred Harrington, Earl of Leominster.
Mother: The Lady Alara Harrington. Countess of Leominster.
Brothers: Lord Hamish Harrington and Lord Harold Harrington.

Paternal Grandparents: Albert and Lillian Harrington (Deceased).

Maternal Grandparents: Lady Kealyn and Lord Aramil Amastacia.

Maternal Grand Aunt: Titania, Queen of the Elves.
Maternal Grand Uncle: Oberon, King of the Elves.


Holly Harrington

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